27 septembre 2015


I've been away for so long, but look at me I always come back and I always start my articles by saying that I haven't been here for a long time. So let's break the apologetic cycle right now - here I am, my glittery pockets filled with slow and enticing songs perfect to relax and a mixtape of love. Thank you for stopping by if you still do ♥   Cheers my dears. x // The beautiful artwork was made by Amalie Termannsen
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07 juin 2015


The slow motion sunday is back with two (four) talented ladies. I swear it's not something I do on purpose, to only share music with girls, but it is what it is.     // BONUS TRACK This amazing cover of Drake's Preach. Way-ay up, I feel blessed.
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16 novembre 2014


Touch of your skin, blurring my vision Seeing the same film again Closer you pull me under the table Sign of how this might end To be fair, I don't really know if this track qualifies as a slowmotion sunday/ morning hazy anthem, but I sure listened to it really late at night and again in the morning. I love everything about this song by George Maple. The voice, the production (courtesy of Flume). Everything in it is mesmerizing and haunting. Browsing through old articles, I sure have a thing for these kinds of songs, a... [Lire la suite]
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26 octobre 2014


Working late cause she never finished school She ain't a fool, she just didn't like it But he don't mind, she's his everything "Anything for you"     There's something that makes me very emotional when listening to Tobias Jesso Jr.'s "True Love". I can't really pinpoint what because I think it's everything - the amazing lyrics that tell a simple yet warm and endearing love story, this intro and outro played on that old and out of tune-ish piano that gives the song an old magical vibe, like an echo from the past. And... [Lire la suite]
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12 octobre 2014


Ce matin, on m'a réveillé avec une aria de l'opéra MacBeth. Je n'ai rien contre Verdi, mais c'est franchement pas la façon dont j'aime me réveiller un dimanche matin. Je suis au ralenti et j'ai la migraine qui pointe le bout de son nez (pas de gueule de bois, je ne suis pas sortie hier soir, je reste l'éternelle mamie des internets. J'ai simplement une gueule de bois face à la vie, communément appelée "la fatigue".) J'ai donc décidé de mettre en place les Slow Motion Sundays. Pour ce premier petit article, deux petites pépites... [Lire la suite]
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