22 juin 2016


I used to call you my hollyI am telling you, my babyThat our love is trueDespite what we were going through     Les Inrockslab ont annoncé aujourd'hui les lauréats de l'édition 2016. Dans les 10 groupes, se trouve ce petit bijoux qu'est Royaume. Une voix aussi entêtante que celle de Cat Power, des échos de robots, une instru fantômatique. Perfection.     // Artwork: Fixed II & III by Henrietta Harris
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17 juin 2016

And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love

As some of you may know, I mainly run on obsessions. I'm a pretty monomaniac person, which means that I usually drown myself into a song/album until eventually I get over it or most likely find a new obsession that will hook me up and the cycle will repeats itself, probably until the day i die. which is good. hopefully i'll be a very mad and obsessive little lady with white hair and a neck that hurts from all the headbanging and lip-dubbing i will have done on snapchat "in my dayz."     But, as there's no better time... [Lire la suite]
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