Let's take a sec to acknowledge how bad I am at following through with this blog. I still won't close it down, I'm way too nostalgic. I regret deleting the skyblog one, some days I would love to flicker through it, see how bad my grammar was, but feel the passion that was burning under my fingers at the time, you could feel how feverish I was when typing articles at 4 am, pleading for people to listen to Amy Winehouse, Adele or The Strokes. Some people ask me why I don't blog that much anymore because, well, this blog was a big part of my life for 7 years and I have a few answers to that. I mean, I guess I got older, I still really want you to listen to the things I post though, I probably have a little less stamina to do it, but I still love music and sharing it and going to concerts and listening to new stuff and fall in love with new artists. But more than being a tad tired and not finding the right words anymore, I feel blocked because of my new out-in-the-open musician activity. Sometimes, it feels hypocritical to talk about other artists when I'm on the other side of the mirror myself. I haven't really found a way around that yet, the constant shyness I'm feeling, yet here I am. So I guess I still feel the need to share.


Anyway, I haven't blabbed in here for a long time, I usually post super short articles so it does feel good to talk a bit more as I know that almost no one comes here and the few that do come have my full trust and respect - you still being here gives you the right to know every little detail of my *feelings* I guess. (Noooo, don't go, stay, I swear I won't be boring.)

I realised that my last article was posted on February, which means that our first EP wasn't out yet, which means that at that moment in time I was full of nerves and apprehension and excitment. Three months later, I'm finally able to keep it together when I see the vinyl of our first EP. The whole thing is surreal to be honest. I try to act normal most times than not, but know that inside, I have a freaky little panda dancing and giving all he's got. - So how crazy is that: our EP is available on Itunes, the vinyl is available here and you can listen to it on soundcloud, deezer and spotify! Also follow our little adventures on my tumblr!



Also, I obviously came back bearing gifts with a new mixtape with all my favourites: Lianne La Havas (the video is so good, she's so perfect, her song is absolutely addictive, can't wait to listen to the record). You also can hear Låpsley and her song "Falling Short"  and i'm o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d (so many points, this took me 5 minutes to do, that goes to show how obsessed with her I am), her production is pure perfection and GOD ALMIGHTY that robotic voice. It's everything I love and more (you know me and my taste for robotic voices). On many aspects, she reminds me of James Blake and I wish and hope she'll have the same success. Also, I've been educating myself a lot more regarding French music, I used to be super American/English/Swedish oriented, but because of, well, my new activities I kinda listen to a lot more French stuff and so you'll find two guilty pleasures of mine in there too, Cléa Vincent and Paradis.

// Again, if you come here and read this, thank you SO MUCH, you're fucking ACE. ♥ As per usual, I blab a LOT MORE on tumblr, so follow me there and let's reblog each other a lot and maybe fall in love or something (nah, don't worry, I'm not weird like that).