Working late cause she never finished school
She ain't a fool, she just didn't like it
But he don't mind, she's his everything
"Anything for you"



There's something that makes me very emotional when listening to Tobias Jesso Jr.'s "True Love". I can't really pinpoint what because I think it's everything - the amazing lyrics that tell a simple yet warm and endearing love story, this intro and outro played on that old and out of tune-ish piano that gives the song an old magical vibe, like an echo from the past. And of course, Tobias Jesso Jr.'s voice. The sincerity of this song and the way he sings it makes it pure.
His personal history with music (you can read it in this article) is also very interesting and probably explains the sincerity of it all, why it moves me. TJR tried to succeed as a songwriter in LA and failed, he stopped making music to gather success and finally did it for himself and that's basically when the magic happened. This is a tale that I just want to keep locked up in my brain forever, as a reminder of what is important in music. Not just because I'm a songwriter/musician myself, but because above all, I love music and I'm scared to lose the sense of what this art is really about - enjoying making it, playing it, listening to it. Sharing it. True love.